Central European Joint Programme

Intensive course

Sveučilište u Zagrebu Zagreb, 25-29 June 2012 (week 1/2), 1-5 October 2012 (week 2/2)
T. Prokopec (Utrecht): "Quantum field theory in and out of equilibrium"

We shall be able to cover living expenses for roughly ten PhD students (advanced undergraduate students are also welcome) from members of our collaboration. Deadline for applications (for the week 2/2) is 7 September 2012.

Contact: Maro Cvitan ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

The course is supported by the by the University of Zagreb Development Fund.

The course will be divided in two parts. The first part consist of one week lectures (two hours per day) and a couple of assignements, to be held from Jun 25 - 29. The second part will take place from 1-5 October 2012.

Part I:
1. An introduction to QFT and more specifically to QCD at finite temperature and (baryonic) chemical potential.
2. Thermal scalar propagators in the imaginary and real time formalism.
3. A simple loop calculation at finite temperature: an interacting scalar field
4. Dirac fields at finite temperature.
5. Gauge fields at finite temperature.

Part II: Will consist mostly of the development of perturbation theory at finite temperature, including Hard Thermal Loop (HTL) resummation for QED and QCD, and some aspects of out-of equilibrium quantum field theory.

1. Michel Le Bellac, Thermal field theory

Additional literature:
2. Alford, Schmitt, Rajagopal, Schafer, `Color superconductivity in dense quark matter,' Rev.Mod.Phys. 80 (2008) 1455-1515, e-Print: arXiv:0709.4635 [hep-ph]
3. Juergen Berges, `Introduction to nonequilibrium quantum field theory,' AIP Conf.Proc. 7 (2005) 3-62, e-Print: hep-ph/0409233

Handouts week 1:
L2 HW1 Q&A
L4&5 HW2

Handouts week 2:
L1 L2 L3&4 L5

Additional literature for Week 2 is:
- Weldon, Phys.Rev. D28 (1983) 2007
- Calzetta & Hu, Phys.Rev. D37 (1988) 2878
- Weinberg, Phys.Rev. D72 (2005) 043514 (hep-th/0506236)
- Cornwall, Jackiw, Tomboulis, Phys.Rev. D10 (1974) 2428-2445
- Koksma, Prokopec, Schmidt, Phys.Rev. D83 (2011) 085011

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